What to do after a truck accident?

If your truck was hit by another vehicle, call a truck accident attorney Houston  as soon as possible. After you are sure that you are alright and have moved to a safe location, you need to seek medical assistance, call the police and then dial your truck accident attorney Houston. Waiting to make that call can be a huge mistake. For example, one young couple that recently had their truck rear-ended by another truck trusted that the insurance information the over driver provided was legitimate and didn’t ask for ID. The information was bogus and they never did track down the hit and run driver.

Whether or not you are injured, call 911 to obtain a police report for your accident. Even if the other driver is sincere in admitting their guilt now, they could change their mind later when they realize the magnitude of what has happened. Calling the police generates an accident report that will document the details of the accident. If the police come to the scene, this helps ensure you get the name and address and license number of the other person.

If you are able to, call a truck accident attorney Houston to contact the other truck’s company. Your lawyer will demand that the other driver keep all records and data associated with the accident. Going to the doctor is one of the most important things to do immediately after an accident. Getting a record of potential injury is vital if more serious or chronic injuries surface later. Sometimes, you won’t feel a spinal or other injury until the next day or later. Go to the hospital right way for treatment and to cover yourself. Think about what you would tell a loved one who was hurt didn’t want to go to the doctor. It is crucial to get an examination on record by medical personnel to determine the level of care you need.

From a safe vantage point, take pictures with your phone to document the accident scene and both cars. Try to get pictures of the other driver as well. This is vitally important. Even cell phone pictures can accurately illuminate the types of damage and the speed of the other vehicle at the time of the accident. If the other truck is totaled, it will go directly to the salvage yard. If you see cuts or bruises on your body, be sure to include photos of those ae will. Have you left any personal items in the car? If so, photograph those as well in case of theft.  Your truck accident attorney Houston can also request any training materials available if the other truck was a commercial vehicle.

Prepare now for the unthinkable, and if an unfortunate accident occurs, you will be better equipped to deal with the aftermath.