Wellington NZ: Things To Do

Anybody taking out a cheap campervan hire and setting  off across New Zealand should definitely check out Wellington. This city might be on the small side but it certainly makes up for it in hipness, beauty, and things to do. The views here are unbelievable. You really won’t find a prettier city that Wellington, and the culture is eclectic, cool, and welcoming. Located between lushly forested hills and a beautiful bay. This is an easy city to explore and get around. Most of the main attractions in the downtown area are within walking distance of each other. Overall Wellington is an absolute delight and the perfect city to stop and spend some time when moving through NZ.

If you make the right choice and add Wellington to your agenda, then check out these must-dos for your stay.

Wellington Cable Car and the Kelbrun Lookout

This antique cable car moves up the hill to the Kelburn Lookout and offers visitors a sweeping view of the city and surrounding area. This is a good way to get a feel for the city and to recognize its beauty. Plus, at the top of the hill you can jump off and check out the Botanic Gardens which feature dozens of rare species and lush, well-laid-out grounds. Also from the top of the hill you have views of both the hills and the bay, a great opportunity for panoramic photos. Before you ride back down make sure to check out the cable car museum as well in order to learn about this great landmark.

Museum Of New Zealand

This is easily the best museum in all of New Zealand. If you want to learn about the natural history of the country then this is your ground zero for sure, presenting a well organized history of Maori and European cultures that have made New Zealand what it is today. There are a wide variety of exhibits that change with each month, plus an incredible number of permanent pieces as well. Check out the earthquake house and feel what it’s like to be caught up in a massive earthquake or the Mana Whenua exhibition that traces the entire history of the Maori, including multimedia displays and artworks. Also recommended is the Arts Te Papa collection that features exhibits from multiple native artists.

Museum Of Wellington

This smaller but incredibly impressive museum is well worth visiting. The building itself was once one of the city’s earliest department stores, adding a nice dose if history to the museum. Inside, a series of incredible multimedia displays wall you through the entire history of the city from its cultural progression to its architectural development. Wellington boasts a colorful and exiting past, and this is the best place to learn about the aspects that have led to create one of the world’s most beautiful cities.  

The Beehive

If one of the reasons you set out on cheap campervan hire trips is to witness interesting sights, then the Beehive will definitely satisfy your needs if you find yourself in Wellington. This is the most iconic building in the city and a true architectural marvel with one of the most curious designs you will ever see. The people of Wellington both love and hate this landmark, and you can decide for yourself when you check it out. The building is located right next to the Parliament House, so after you’re done marveling at the unique design you can check out this neoclassical building where the debates that shape the country are regularly held. The gardens are open to the public and are well worth checking out.


No Wellington stay is complete without a stop at Zealandia. Set around a sweeping reservoir just outside of Wellington, Zealandia is a sanctuary that houses some of the most rare wildlife in the country. Here you can check out a wide variety of different types of wildlife from reptiles to mammals to rare birds and beyond. There is really no better way to check out all the wildlife housed in this country all in one place. Plus you can rest assured that the sanctuary is completely protected and ethical. No animals are harmed and the organization is not for profit.

With its eclectic and laid back culture, unbelievable sights, and variety of things to do, Wellington has been attracting cheap campervan hire travelers for many years, drawn to the charms and sights of this small but incredibly vibrant city. This truly is one of the top cities in New Zealand, offering the perfect mix of scenic beauty and urban action. After many days on the road in the countryside, it will be a refreshing change to hang out in this cultural hotspot, wandering the streets and enjoying the many attractions on hand. You will certainly never regret coming to Wellington, so keep this NZ jewel on your list.