Tired Of Travelling By Train? Here Is How You Can Book Cheap Flight Tickets FromDelhi To Pune

We all know that train travel is a highly preferred mode of travel for a lot of people across India, primarily because it is pretty economical. However, nowadays people have started realizing that saving time and getting more comfort is a better trade- off than always looking at the economic aspect in absolute numbers.

Delhi to Pune is one such route which is optimal for conversion from train to flight. This is because it is a huge distance which takes up a long time to travel by train and at the same time, it is very busy which makes it easier for flight companies to offer reasonable fares to its passengers.

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In this article, we will give you some tips to book cheap flights from Delhi to Pune:

  • Beware of Long Weekends:

We all know the concept of peak season. Whenever the number of people traveling to a certain city is very high, that is generally called as the peak season. However, nowadays, the ‘season’ changes within a week. Confused? Let us explain.
Since the travel time is so less in flights, a lot of people travel to their hometowns on weekends. This number becomes a lot more if the weekend is a long weekend i.e. the weekend preceded or followed by a public holiday giving people 3 or more days of vacation in a go. Sometimes people also take 1 or 2 days leave to club together different holidays and take longer leaves of up to one week.

These long weekends are peak seasons when it comes to booking flights between two cities which have a huge migrant population since they all try to visit their native places when they get such a chance. And the Delhi to Pune corridor satisfies this criterion because a lot of people from Pune are working or studying in Delhi.

So, if you avoid booking tickets at this time, or maybe book tickets one or two days before or after this duration, you can save a lot of money on your tickets.

  • Look out for Flash Sales:

If you do not have a fixed date to travel from Delhi to Pune and only need to travel for some work which is not time-bound, here is a way to save both time and money. If you travel by train, you will spend more than 2 days on traveling both sides. However, if you book a flight, it will take you a total of only 7-8 hours including time for check-in, reaching airport etc.

Now, a lot of airlines usually run promotional sales to mark their anniversaries or special days. If you get a chance, then immediately book tickets in this duration since they have fares as low as Rs. 0. Yes, you read that right. You can get zero fare tickets if you are alert and can take advantage of the situation. Though you have to pay for fuel and taxes, it is still the cheapest air ticket you can get and it will definitely be cheaper than your second or first AC train ticket, which is time-consuming as well.

  • Book Early Morning and Late Night:

This is one of the best tricks to save money if you don’t have time to follow the other tricks given above or if you cannot control the date of travel. If you HAVE to travel on a specific day, always remember that even if the tickets are in high demand for that day, the early morning (5:00 AM) flights and late night (10:30 PM) flights are in low demand.

This is normally because people do not want to travel at that time and disturb their sleep cycle, or they are finding it difficult to arrange for travel and logistics to and from the airport.
If you think you can handle the slight discomfort, then you can easily save a good percentage of the actual flight fare and get a cheaper ticket.

  • Book ‘Lite’ Seats:

Here is one more trick a lot of people will not know about. A lot of people travel for only a couple of days duration and hence do not have too much of luggage and usually only carry hand luggage. If you are one of those people, you can easily book a ‘lite’ or ‘hand baggage only’ seat which will allow only for one hand baggage with the traveler.

These tickets are cheaper since they do not add the tentative cost of baggage and hence fare and fuel surcharge are lesser for this type of seat.  Who knew being a light traveler could be light on your pocket as well!


Even if the route you are traveling on is almost always busy, there are still some little tips and tricks which will help you save money. And nowadays, the benefits of air travel are a lot more compared to train travel especially since the difference in coast has reduced to almost zero and sometimes flight tickets are cheaper than trains.