Tips on How to Control Noise in an Office

Noise is major problem in an office setting. It is a major distraction that makes it harder for your employees to focus and concentrate on whatever they are doing. This ultimately takes a toll on their productivity, reducing the company’s overall output in the process. It is thus important to put in place various mechanisms to prevent noise from distracting your workers at the office.

Start With the Flooring

Have you ever encountered someone who has shoes that make a lot of noise while she walks? The problem is not her or the shoes she is wearing. The problem is actually the type of flooring used in the office. Floors made of porcelain, ceramic and wood produce massive amount of noise. You might want to add something on such floors to reduce the level of noise. This could either be a carpet or a vinyl flooring material. These materials can absorb a great amount of sound coming from shoes, reducing noise pollution in the office.

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Install Acoustic Wall Panels

Noise from the streets and nearby companies is a major cause of environment noise pollution. In fact, many governments, the United States included, have come up with stringent environmental noise control measures to reduce noise pollution from vehicles, people and industries. If you live near a street or a noisy industrial park, then you might consider installing acoustic wall panels to absorb such noise. These wall panels are highly effective in absorbing noise in the office.

Use Wall Partitions

There is nothing that causes distractions and agitation among employees than an open office. Sounds from conversations, computer keyboards, falling pens and phone calls can really make life uncomfortable. In this case, it is good to create office cubicles or wall partitions. Doing so will separate employees and reduce overall noise in the office.

Work on Insulation

In addition to acoustic wall panels, you can install sound insulation equipment to help you reduce noise from outside. There are so many sound insulation materials out there. Do a thorough research so that you get something that works.

Bring in Some Plants

Yes, plants can greatly reduce noise pollution. Plants placed in strategic locations have proven to be very effective in reducing noise levels in the office. The bigger the plant, the better. In addition to noise reduction, plants provide an aesthetic value and filter air in the office.

Noise Headphones

If your company operates very noisy machines, then you have no any other option but to use noise cancelling headphones. Make sure every employee wears these headphones whenever they are at work. This will not only prevent noise, but it will also reduce the likelihood of getting a lawsuit from one of your employees. Companies that do not take care of the hearing health of their employees are often asked by the courts to compensate those who are affected by hearing loss. So, encourage each and every worker to wear noise cancelling headphones to avoid such incidences.

Noisy environments lower concentration levels and affect productivity. Use the tips highlighted in this text to reduce noise levels in your office.