The Must-Visit Newly Opened Lounges in Delhi

Your party experience in Delhi might just get even better. There are many lounges that have recently opened.Owing to their awesome ambience and great food and drinks, they are attracting many people.

It is not just the drinks that make a lounge awesome. Many other factors are taken into consideration too. For example, the ambience, the food, the crowd and how pocket-friendly it is. We have hand-picked some of the best newly opened lounges in the city that are great and cater to the interest of everyone.

Here are the new lounges that have recently opened in Delhi and are must-visit for party animals:

  1. Madaari- Madaari Model Town is a restaurant and lounge that has afascinating and striking ambience. The flavours offered at this place are great and it has started attracting a lot of youth as well as families in a very short time. It has already started giving the other restaurants a tough competition. The food, ambience, type of drinks served and music are flawless. It is also quite spacious and a great place to host parties and other events.
  2. Firki Bar- The sumptuous food and the wide range of beverages and drinks of Firki Bar are going to tantalize you taste buds. This is the perfect getaway for you and your friends after a tiresome day. It is often crowded with couples, corporate workers, friends and families almost throughout the day. The North Indian and Chinese cuisines are quite popular here. Always buzzing with energetic music, this place is a great choice for celebrations.
  3. Kitty Su– Tired of the cliché ambiences of the lounges? Then you must check out Kitty Su, which is popular for its versatile decor and interior. It has gained recognition as the most popular night club of Delhi. There are multiple levels of this lounge and at all levels,the walls have an intricate decoration with various sorts of sculpture. The music gigs playing here are usually electronic dance music. To experience a wild dancing time, this is the place that you must visit.
  4. Londoners Bistro and Pub- If you are looking forward to a lazy evening at a new lounge with your friends, there is no better place than Londoners Bistro and Pub. All exquisite dishes like Italian, Indian, Chinese, Continental and British delicacies are available here. The interiors of this place are inspired by the British culture and so the entire ambience looks very classy, chic and elegant. The menu caters to the demands of everyone and hence this place is always flocked by people and remains crowded.
  5. Informal Cafe- Informal Cafe is one of those cafes, that are going to make you experience a very modest night life. The wooden furniture and floor add a rustic feel to the ambience. The dim lights accentuate the aura of the place and provide a very soothing and relaxing ambience.

These 5 new lounges are amongst the best lounges that have opened recently. So, the next time you are partying, make sure to visit one of these.