The Importance of Purpose-Built Memory Care Facilities in New Orleans LA

The issue of Alzheimer continues to gain more popularity with every passing day. This is due to the increasing population of adults aged 65 and older. It is a shame though that this ailment still has no cure until then we are all charged with the duties of managing as best as we can this disease by rendering the best care to those afflicted with it. To this end, memory care facilities in New Orleans LA are becoming more popular nowadays. The Purpose-Built Memory Care Communities are most prominent in this category as they offer maximum care to those suffering from dementia. Because they are focused on those with memory problems, they are best suited to provide all the needed service.

Benefits of Memory Care Facilities in New Orleans LA

Some of the benefits that these purpose-built memory care communities hold include

Absolute Dedication

They are 100% dedicated to only rendering services that centers on catering for those with dementia and other related memory impairment diseases. This specialization puts them in an excellent position to provide all the needed support, care and attention that these senior citizens require.

Specially Trained Staff

Top notch memory care facilities in New Orleans LA feature staffs that are experts in handling the specific needs of patients with Alzheimer and other forms of dementia. Assisted living facilities tend to leave patients with memory ailments out of some mental activities thinking it would be too much stress for them. This might cause them to feel neglected or left out. Memory care facilities, however, are equipped to meet and perfectly understand the physical, mental and social needs of their patients.

The high ratio of staff to residents in these Memory Care Units makes it possible for staff members to create and maintain a healthy close relationship with their charges. They also ensure to keep up with any development in terms of treatment techniques concerning how to take care of those with Alzheimer and other forms of dementia.


Unlike some assisted living facilities that are enormous in sizes, Purpose-Built Memory Care Communities tend to be small in sizes to facilitate easier navigation by their residents.

Some memory care facilities in New Orleans LA also have other designs put in place to make residents feel more at home than in Assisted Living Facilities. The use of bright, colorful paintings in the environment makes their residents feel more relaxed.

The security measures put in place also keeps the residents from wandering off the property and out of harm’s way.

Programs and Activities

At Purpose-Built Memory Care Communities, programs and activities lined up for the residents are tailored to their physical, mental and social needs. As such, these programs and activities are prepared with them in mind. This encourages them to be highly involved since the activities are what they truly love.

Such activities and programs are normally directed toward creating comfort, security and meaning for their residents. These activities also do not shy away from cognitive challenges as the trained staff knows exactly what sort would be beneficial and enjoyable to the residents.

These benefits listed above are just a few of what comes together to improve the quality of care that is being rendered to the esteemed senior citizens in Purpose-Built Memory Care Communities.