Teeth Restorations in Spring Texas

It’s a fact of life – the appearance of teeth change over time. They might have lost enamel or become discolored and brittle. A tooth might have been lost, leaving an unsightly gap, or all of your teeth have had to be removed. Don’t despair! There are many ways to restore or replace teeth, including dental implants, bridges, dental crowns, and complete or partial dentures.

For teeth restorations Spring Tx residents have come to know and love you need to talk to a prosthodontist. They can explain to you about dental implants, which are posts made of zirconium, titanium or other materials that can be placed in your jawbone to replace lost teeth roots. A successful dental implant can last as long as three decades. Implants can restore your normal speaking and chewing patterns, as well as provide more comfort and increase confidence by restoring your beautiful smile.

Dental bridges (either removable or fixed) are available to replace your missing teeth. A fixed dental bridge may be supported on both sides by a stabilizing porcelain crown that fits over your adjacent teeth. Fixed bridges help prevent gaps that frequently form in your mouth if you have missing teeth. Removable dental bridges are partial dentures that can be taken out each day for cleaning. They consist of false teeth (or one tooth) that are supported by metal frameworks attached to your natural teeth, or crowns attached to your natural teeth that function to hold your bridge in place.

A prosthodontist providing teeth restorations Spring Tx appreciates would like to talk to you about dental crowns. There are 4 basic types of crowns – ceramic, base metal alloys, gold alloys, and porcelain-fused to metal. Ceramic crowns are popular for the restoration of front teeth since they can match the natural teeth color. Base metal alloys are very resistant to corrosion and require the smallest amount of teeth to be removed.

Partial or complete dentures are also an option for those people needing teeth restorations. Complete dentures are provided when all of a patient’s teeth are missing. Partial dentures may be used when some natural teeth still remain.