Strategies for Training for a 5K Race

Have you been enjoying a rigorous walking regime for the last few months Are you ready to increase the challenge and attempt your first 5k race?  These 3.2 mile races are a great way for runners to get started and enjoy the spirit and comradery of running. More often than not, 5k races are run to support a local or national charity. Not only will you be testing your own athletic endurance, but you’ll most likely also be running for a worthy cause.  Before starting any rigorous training program, check with your family doctor to ensure you don’t have any restrictions that you should be cautious of.

One of the best ways to ensure that your running experience is a positive one, invest in a pair of well fitting, quality running shoes. Take advantage of the awesome deals offered by Groupon coupons and make a selection from the huge assortment of running shoes available from FinishLine. Your feet will thank you. The second purchase should be an activity tracker. Use these simple devices not only to track your speed and distance, but to jump start the move from walking to running. Curtail your beginner’s enthusiasm and commit to training every other day. Muscles need time to repair and relax.

In order to move from a brisk walk to a slow jog, understand that this must be done incrementally. Not only will you progress faster, but you’ll lessen the chances for injury. Set your activity tracker for a thirty minute session. Program alarms to run every three minutes for a two minute stretch. Begin your walk at a brisk pace. When the alarm goes off, begin a slow job until the alarm beeps again and return to a brisk walk. Continue this throughout your thirty minute session.

At the end of your thirty minute training session, take the time to thoroughly stretch out you’re your lower torso and calf muscles. Do this gently and hold stretches for at least thirty seconds. Check out videos of stretching options from the more reputable websites. Each week decrease your walking time on minute and increase your running time one minute. Within a few short weeks you’ll be on your way to running a 5K race!