Right Hand vs Left Hand: Which One Should a Woman Wear a Watch on?

In this high-tech digital world saturated by the LED display, time is flashed by the digital screen at every turn we take. But, the wristwatch still holds an important place as a fashion accessory in our life. This is especially true for the women, who put in a lot of effort in deciding the right watch for her. You love to flaunt it at your everyday work or at a cocktail party. The watch adds glamour to your look. When it comes to accessories nothing can be as powerful and bold as an elegant wristwatch. The watch complements your personality and makes a powerful statement.

There is always an ongoing debate regarding the hand in which the women should wear her wristwatch. Left hand or right hand; can turn out to be a big debatable topic. People tend to put in their own valid reason to justify the hand to put on a watch. Actually, this is a very personal choice. The most important factor is to feel comfortable with the watch and the ease of telling the time. It depends on person to person, and even from occasion to occasion to decide the hand to put on a watch. This article is to explore the most suitable hand to put on a watch.

  • The Right-handed Women Prefer a Left-hand Watch

Around 70-95 {0aa6ff39f88f6874aa1314be06f6c24c81d3f2a8727f221ed543cd45c6c6423e} people in our society are right-handed, so wearing the watch on the left hand is practically more appropriate. You would find it more convenient to tell the time when you wear the watch on your left-hand. This also has a practical advantage. Since you do most of your work with the right hand, wearing the watch on the left-hand keeps the dominant hand free. The working hand is also less disturbed in this case. The numbers and other features are also made to be viewed from a right-handed perspective. The crown of the watch is also installed on the left side. So, it is easy to manipulate it with the right-hand fingers.

There is one more practical advantage in wearing the watch on left hand. Here the chances of getting the watch scratched or damaged while working are minimised. This is because there is far less movement involved with the non-dominant hand.

  • The Women Prefer to Wear the Watch on the Right Hand in a Party

Whenever the women go to a party or any wedding ceremony or festivals, they prefer to wear the watch on the right hand. This is because a party is one such place where you like to show-off your valuable possession. It helps you to make a statement among your friends. Since the left hand is already loaded with bangles, wearing the watch on the same hand does not make any sense. Your valuable timepiece may become inconspicuous among the bracelets and bangles. Here not only the view of the watch would be obstructed by the bracelet, but there is also a chance of it getting scratched by its sharp edges. So, it is better to wear your favourite wristwatch on the right hand in a party.

  • Left-Handed Woman Wear the Watch on the Right Hand

In case of a left-handed woman, the left hand is dominant and the right hand is non-dominant. You prefer to wear your watch on your right hand if you are a leftie. This enables you to do most of the things with your dominant hand without worrying your valuable watch getting scratched. Watchmakers have taken notice of the lefties’ needs. MB&F have created a very valuable timepiece, the ReBel to be worn on the right hand.

So, finally, it can be said that it is fine to wear the watch on any of your hands. It totally depends on your mood and the occasion.If you are looking for the right type of watch to add sophistication to your look, you can log in to our website at gofynd.com and shop here some really exclusive timepiece.