Restoring Your Shotgun: Top Tips

Whether you are a user of Beretta shotguns or any other type of shotgun, there is no doubting that you probably do everything that you can to ensure that you guns stay in the best possible condition. This however is not always enough, when having shotguns for a long time, they are obviously going to show signs of wear and tear, and end up not working as greatly as they should, and this is where we can help you.  Today we are going to be providing a handful of tips for shotgun restoration so that people can keep their much loved guns for that little bit longer.

Top Shotgun Restoration Tips

  • Before commencing any restoration you should set yourself a budget – You need to know how much you are willing to spend and ensure that you don’t end up spending too much money when you could simply purchase a brand new shotgun
  • Try not to over-restore your shotguns – You may think that the colour of your gun seems dull, however colouring it with a bright polish could make your shotgun look even worse
  • If you are re-clacking your shotgun barrel you should consider refreshing any engraving
  • Replacing screws can make a huge difference to shotgun appearances at an incredibly affordable cost
  • Check all of your shotguns springs, swivels and strikers and if any are worn replace them right away
  • Consider using modern techniques such as laser micro-welding to repair pitting on lock plates and action furniture
  • If you need to re-chequer your stock you should ensure that all work is carried out by a professional craftsman as if you attempt to do this yourself you could end up worsening your weapon

These are only some of the available gun restoration tips, there are many more available and the methods that you use will depend on a number of things for example what gun you are looking to restore and whether it is in any way damaged or you are simply attempting to make it look better in appearance.

Research your individual shotgun and see if you can find any product specific restoration tips. Alternatively it could be a good idea to speak with your shotgun supplier whom is likely highly knowledgeable regarding shotguns and therefore able to assist you greatly.

If you know of any shotgun restoration tips which we haven’t mentioned, please don’t’ hesitate to comment and share with all – So that everyone who loves shotguns can be as knowledgeable as possible.