Picking the Right Commercial Coffee Grinder

As a business owner, you want the perfect cup of coffee for your guests and clients. That perfect cup starts with the right commercial coffee grinder. After all, freshly ground coffee makes for the best cup. However, choosing the right equipment involves educating yourself on the different models.

Decide on Coffee

One thing to consider when choose a coffee grinder is the type of coffee you will be offering. Different coffees require different ground sizes. Coffee equipment offers various grinding sizes.

Discover Your Ideal Crusher

Crushers deserve consideration. Most coffee grinders have one of three types, either a blade, flat burr and conical burr. The type of crusher is important because coffee beans require a gentle, but accurate, process to produce the right aroma and flavor.

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Pick Other Features

Major choices aside, you must decide on other features. One important feature is the single purpose or mutli-use feature. Those using it for only one type of coffee would do best to go with single use. Those experimenting with different flavors or styles would prefer a multi-purpose machine.

Manual or Electric?

Next, choose either a manual or electric grinder. The classic manual grinders are well-suited for those wanting to spend time to customize or experiment with coffee. The disadvantage of manual coffer grinders is they will only grind medium and course coffee sizes.

Those interested in making espresso should consider electric grinders. Business owners wanting fast and efficient rather than image branding of manually grinding coffee should also buy electric grinders. Cost is also a factor.

While most people know that coffee makers have additional features, many don’t know grinders also come with special features. They do. Many models have features like automatic off switches, programmable clocks and different grinding sizes.

Size Matters

Another consideration for those seeking out restaurant-worthy coffee grinders is size. Space is crucial and business owners don’t need larger equipment pieces than they have space. Grinders come in a variety of sizes, so there is one that is the right size for you.

Pick Your Brand

The final aspect of choosing the right grinder is brand. There are many quality grinders. Some are established name brands and others from newer companies.

Two of the most well-known brands is Bunn and Grindmaster. Each has its own style. Bunn is more streamlined and Grindmaster presents a vintage appeal. Bunn has turbo action and is made for efficient high-volume use. Grindmaster is a bulk roaster grinder.

Other companies include Mazzer, which offers models with super fine grinds and timer switches and La Cimbali from Italy, which has actually been around for a century. La Cimbali is developing new equipment like grinders with Bluetooth technology that communicates with other barista equipment, ensuring the best coffee every time.

Whatever type or brand of grinder you choose, the coffee you serve sets the brand for your restaurant. It is something customers will remember. It’s worth thinking about before making a purchase.