New fantasy for your bathtub

The latest addition to your dream world of bathing room is the clawfoot tub faucet. This is an ultimate luxury of bathing in tub. This faucet is designed to give you the experience of bathing in the tub along with hand held shower attached to the faucet to provide you the exclusive cleaning of the specific part of the body without leaving the luxury of bathing in the bath tub. The other attachment to this type of faucet is the hot and cold water connection to provide water at different temperature.

Retro oil rubbed claw foot faucet

This retro gift is for those who love to have the feeling and the luxury of ancient times entering in their bathroom. This faucet is made up of brass and is mounted in the wall with the entire weight of the faucet only 3.5 kg. This faucet comes with the handheld shower head and hot and cold running water attachment. It can withstand water pressure and can be run for 6 million usages which is quite good in this category thus giving you the best value of your money.  

Tub faucet without any fixture

The biggest advantage of the freestanding tub faucet is this that it can be moved from one place to another around the bathtub. This advantage gives you the luxury of using the faucet as per your convenience. The free standing faucets are built in various materials like stainless steel, brass and chrome plated. This provides the user luxury of enjoying the bathing in the bathtub and bathing under handheld shower. These faucets meet out all the industry norms of quality and come with easy installation in the bathroom. There are various discount offers that come with the faucets. This discount varies from model to model and various modifications in the offers are also made to suit the customer.