Mark Arabo And Medical Philanthropy Has A Lot To Say

Philanthropy is not just restricted to a particular field or sector. It is very much prevalent in the healthcare sector too. Just that the form is a bit different. Everyone or each individual have their own opinion about the same and present it accordingly. Hospital authorities and the top managerial candidates pretty well know how to raise funds and help the patients in their fight to live the life successfully. They even know how to deal with the donors and pursue them to support the patients in whatever possible manner.

Mark Arabo knows it pretty well how to raise funds and work on such plans

Mark Arabo is of the opinion that the hospital authorities know it well in advance how to raise funds and generate money for the patients in need of the same. They apply all their tact and make it a point to convert it into a positive deal. Certain practices or measures must be taken while following the fund-raising process. Some of them are listed as below:

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  • Decide the philanthropic strategy well in advance

As it is very much clear, hospital authorities must decide the philanthropic strategy well in advance in order to avoid any later date confusions or misunderstandings. The strategy must be reviewed properly, effectively and efficiently for the overall success of the same. The prime goal for the fundraising activity must be kept in mind and all resources should be diverted towards the same. Though each case is different and must be handled individually but still certain common parameters remain the same which should not be overlooked at any costs. The list goes as below:

  • Mission and story of the origin of the medical facility and the impact on the same over the philanthropic issue
  • Expected challenges and solutions to the fundraising project in the healthcare industry.
  • Details related to the fundraising project.
  • Advantages of the entire fundraising project as well as benefits to the donor too.
  • Research the philanthropic strategy well in advance

Complete research, according to Mark Arabo must be carried out at all points of time without leaving anything unattended or left out due to any of the reasons. It would include lot many people and their individual role must be assessed separately for the benefit of the fundraising project. This way they will get the list of authentic and genuine donors who have been found out after a thorough research.

  • Hospital administration and fundraising officials must work in tandem

Since they are both related to each other hence they must work in correlation. It is advantageous for one and all and should be practiced by default. Employees working in the hospital must be aware of the various fundraising programs happening in the hospital. They should be informed well in advance so that they can contribute in their own ways.

Thus, to conclude, one can say that medical philanthropy has a completely different role which must be understood and rightly comprehended by the individuals concerned. Their role in the whole process matters a lot and definitely makes a huge difference. It should not be missed at any point of time due to any of the reasons.