Make Your Web Environment Clean By Killing Pests

Bed bugs, spider, rats, ants, I could go on and on with pests that cause problems in homes across the world. Pest are more like humans than we give credit, they want the same living environment as we do.  Thought pest control is not DIY recommended here’s one way to get some of that frustration out, check out this awesome 404 page on Pointe Pest Control’s website. The strategy here is to improve the website visitor experience. Though I’m sure the website owner doesn’t want you to find any broken links or pages on their website, if you do, there’s a very well designed 404 page with a game to kill pests… and killing pest is what you’re looking for, right?

Attention All Gamers

If you’re a gamer and want to take on a challenge, click here This pest control company has designed a 404 page with game to kill pests and it’s no easy task! It takes skill to kill these critters, especially after level 2. Take the challenge, play the game! This 404 page can be played on desktop or on a mobile phone. If you’re on desktop you can use the arrow keys and spacebar, or you can use the mouse. From the time I spent playing the game, its seems a little easier if you use the mouse. You can move a lot faster as well as dodge bullets from pests.  Pointe Pest Control, well played created this fantastic 404 page and once again, I challenge you all to get a high score, play the game here .