Make effective use of solar energy for meeting energy needs

Energy bills cost really high and it often puts pressure on your budget. Solar energy is the best alternative for the conventional source of energy which is economical to use. This is because the Sun’s thermal energy is at your disposal and you can effectively utilize this form of energy to meet your energy needs. In contrast with the exhaustible resources like coal, natural gas and oil, solar is an inexhaustible form of energy.  In the past few years, there has been a commendable increase in the use of solar energy for meeting the energy needs. This has happened just because of the advancement in the design and efficiency of the solar panels. This type of panel compromises of several numbers of solar cells which are capable of converting solar energy into electricity and heat. There are different types of solar devices which are used for residential and commercial purposes. Solar water heater is one of them.

Install solar heaters for getting hot water

Solar water heating device is basically designed to heat the water in the tank with the help of solar energy.  This reduces the energy bills in heating water. Also, it is very convenient for the users to meet the need of hot water directly from the taps. Solar water heaters are installed in integration with the water tank at your place. The size of solar panel will determine the efficiency of your solar heater. If you want high quantities of water, there is a need to install a large solar panel whereas for the residential use small solar panels also work well.

The solar panel works as the solar heat collector which converts solar energy into heat to heat up the water stored in the dark water tank.  There are flat plate solar collectors and evacuated tube solar collectors.  They are designed to collect the maximum amount of sunlight for heating water in the tanks.