Kent RO Water Purifier: The Best Purifier for 100{0aa6ff39f88f6874aa1314be06f6c24c81d3f2a8727f221ed543cd45c6c6423e} Pure Water

Kent is one of the leading manufacturers of water filters and purifiers in India and it has alwaysbeen known forintegrating the most efficient water purification technology. RO water purifier by Kent is one of the best water purifiers in the business. It offers 100{0aa6ff39f88f6874aa1314be06f6c24c81d3f2a8727f221ed543cd45c6c6423e} pure water and uses many sophisticated technologies to ensure the water that you drink is pure and free from impurities.

Here are a few reasons why Kent RO water purifier was the best water purifier 2015:

  1. Save Water Technology

Kent RO Purifier has a special ‘save water’ technology embedded in its system, which allows the purifier to save more than 50{0aa6ff39f88f6874aa1314be06f6c24c81d3f2a8727f221ed543cd45c6c6423e} of the total water as purified water. Conventional RO systems saved only 20{0aa6ff39f88f6874aa1314be06f6c24c81d3f2a8727f221ed543cd45c6c6423e} of water and 80{0aa6ff39f88f6874aa1314be06f6c24c81d3f2a8727f221ed543cd45c6c6423e} was discarded. In a Kent RO Purifier, 50{0aa6ff39f88f6874aa1314be06f6c24c81d3f2a8727f221ed543cd45c6c6423e} of the water purified and the rest isn’t discarded, but stored for purposes like washing and mopping. This way, not a single drop of water is wasted and you do something for the environment as well as for yourself.

  1. Patented Mineral RO Technology

Kent water purifiers have a special RO or Reverse Osmosis Technology that uses a special Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) Controller. This ensures that the RO process only frees the water of harmful salts and all the required essential natural minerals stay in the water.

  1. UV Purification

Some higher models of Kent RO purifiers also use UV purification technology. With the help of UV purification technology, you are assured that water is free from all microbial contaminants. UV is harmful to bacteria, viruses and other pathogens, which is why Ultra Violet radiation is used to kill all these micro-organisms and make your water fit for consumption. The best part about UV radiation is that it doesn’t harm the water molecules and just targets the microbes, so you are assured that your water stays unaltered and pure.

  1. UF Filtration:

The higher models of Kent RO purifiers like KentGoldUF, Kent Smart and Kent Crystal also contain UF filtration. This filtration uses a UF membrane that removes these dead microbes from the water. This ensures double protection for you and your family. The UF membrane doesn’t let anything of size 0.3 microns or more pass through it.Therefore, all the impurities are collected on one side of the filter and pure water flows out on the other.

  1. High Purification Capacity:

The best part about KENT RO purifiers is their purification capacity. These purifiers have the capability of purifying approximately fifteen litres of water in an hour because of which you get quick and easy access to purified water. You don’t have to wait for the purification process to set up, start and finish getting pure water. The process is automated. As soon as the storage tank levels are low, the purification automatically starts.

  1. High Storage Capacity:

Kent RO purifiers have high storage capacity.Therefore, you never have to worry about being short of pure water ever again. As mentioned earlier, the tank starts filling up as soon as the levels are down, which ensures that you have pure water even if there is a shortage of water supply.

These high tech features for a nominal price range are definitely bang for a buck. Therefore, Kent RO Water Purifier is the best in the business and there is no doubt about that.