Inspired Gifts for Girls of Every Age and Stage

There’s no end to the number of ideas that pop up when you search online for gift ideas for a special young girl in your life, whether she is your daughter, niece, or a family friend. And there is also no end to the number of messages that girls receive via social media, TV, magazines, and other sources in our modern age, messages that can be confusing or overwhelming, or can even promote negative body images. If you’re looking for a gift that can act as an antidote to these messages and can instead inspire and empower a young girl or teen girl, consider the simplicity and honesty found here: Inspirational Books and Gifts – papersalt.

Designed, written, illustrated, and produced by the staff at papersalt, an imprint that is a division of Revolution, a Seattle printing and design company, these engaging books are written by families for families, with the idea that simplicity in words and images offers a means to share their inspirational messages powerfully.

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With books that reach all ages and stages of a girl’s life, these books offer lessons, thoughts, and bits of discovered wisdom to help girls facing challenges and encourage them to dream big. Specially tailored to different situations that a girl might face, there are books as diverse as those geared toward little girls who are learning what it means to be a big sister, to books that tackle what every teen girl should know. There is even a book with the perspective of what every mom wants her girl to know.

A few favorites include:

Being a Big Sister

This charming book is written at an approachable level for big sisters who might be wondering how their life will change with a younger sibling. The messages are both encouraging and empowering, reminding the girl that in her role as a big sister she has a great opportunity to inspire and encourage her younger siblings. Printed on heavy cardstock with a spiral wire-o binding, this inspirational gift evokes the feel of a favorite notebook.

Grit – for Girls: Why the Most Difficult Challenges Are So Important

Challenges are a given in life and this inspirational book offers bite-sized bits of advice on how to persevere through the tough times. With practical and upbeat messages of hard work, persistence, and sheer audacious hope, this book will remind that special girl in your life that she is capable of greatness if she’s ready and willing to invest in herself and her future by tackling the challenges she faces. Printed on heavy cardstock with a spiral wire-o binding, this book also encourages her to take notes and write her own thoughts as she peruses its pages.

These beautifully and lovingly crafted books for girls make touching and unique gifts for special occasions such as birthdays, graduations, and life and family moments. The simplicity of the messages and the approachability of the format make them ideal for younger readers who enjoy illustrated books. With the abundance of media messages that undermine girls, sharing these books is a small step toward empowering and inspiring girls.