How to move a potential donor through storytelling

Any good crowdfunding India campaign would have various elements such as photos, videos, a fund utilization plan, a marketing strategy etc, but if there’s one element that can serve as the voice of your campaign, it’s your campaign story. This is why storytelling is imperative to successful crowdfunding. There are many commonly known elements that any good crowdfunding India campaign story should have, such as simplicity, honesty, validity etc. But the two most important ones that should not be missed, especially when it comes to campaign stories for donors, are emotions, and information.

Emotional Connect

The thing about the human psyche is that we are always drawn towards a humanistic touch. When you write a campaign story, you need to ensure that the audience it is targeted at, are able to relate to it. The essence of charity is similar to that of a gift. When you send someone a gift, it always has an emotional appeal to it. Besides, it is important to remember that emotions are the element that evoke a sense of philanthropy, not statistical data.

For instance, let us assume you are running a crowdfunding campaign to raise funds for the treatment of a group of cancer patients. People are not going to find it easy to relate to your cause if you give them statistics of how many children suffer from cancer each year. Such information is not easily remembered either. However, if you tell them the life story of a little girl who was suffering in her last stages of cancer because her family could not afford the treatment, they will be drawn to know more about what happened to the girl. Did she make it? Were you able to raise funds for her? Such stories leave lasting impressions on people’s minds.


When we say make your story informative, we don’t mean give your audience statistical information. Your story needs to explain to the donor why this cause is so important. Statistics should be a mere accessory in your story, not the driving force. Inform them about what inspired you to take up this cause, how you initiated this NGO/social enterprise. Tell them your background and your journey so far. Besides answering all the questions that may crop up in the mind of a donor before making a contribution, you could also let them know how many lives you’ve impacted with your initiative, and how many more you could make a difference to. Try to include the donor in your story by telling him how he could help further the cause, and what it feels like to change someone’s life for the better.

You campaign story is your one chance at giving your cause a voice, so make it a compelling one! Launch your crowdfunding India campaign on Impact Guru today!