How To Make Your Residential Fencing Look Welcoming

Fences can accomplish more than one issue, especially residential fencing austin tx. That’s right. all it takes is a little imagination and creativity plus some elbow grease to add a privacy fence to any size yard giving the message, “Welcome friends.” Here are 5 ways to add welcoming style to a fence.

  1.  Add Some Color:  Residential fencing Austin Tx takes a few coats of outdoor paint to instantly update any curb appeal. A fence acts as an extension to any home, just as is a patio, deck and garden. Use the same color as the front door to create a cohesive design or just paint the gate and leave the remaining fence a neutral tone to compliment the landscape.
  2.  Create A Fence/Bench:  A traditional fence isn’t the only way to create privacy in a welcoming way. Use recycled wood and create a fence that doubles as an outdoor seating area. This fence/bench is like a two for one. The fence creates a boundary for privacy and the lower height is perfect for bench top seating. Surround this creative fence/bench with trees, bushes and other colorful foliage for beautiful scenery.
  3. Double As A Back Drop:  A beautiful, natural wood fence creates a blank canvas or back drop for easy to care for Southwest landscaping, especially residential fencing austin tx. Natural river stone surrounding the beds enhance the look of both the fence and the landscaping and is visually appealing.
  4.  Generate Visual Interest:  Build a fence that features different heights, so the wood goes in different directions or has a curved pattern instead of straight up and down. Add a gate that as interesting to the eye with an bold handle and latch. Add flower beds and cutting gardens on both sides of the fence to create a welcoming visual.
  5. Make A Container Garden Fence: Extending a fence into the landscaping is a creative way to make the fence more welcoming. Attach window boxes to an existing fence or have them built into a new fence design. Fill with seasonal perennials throughout the entire year.