How to choose the right color paint for your home

Your home is where you’ll be living for many years, so it’s important to choose colors you can live with! Benjamin Moore paint carries over 3,500 varieties of every hue so you are sure to find something.

The best way to narrow your choices is to think about what this room means to you. A living room can feel open and welcoming in calm grays like Revere Pewter. If you have colorful furnishings or artwork you may want to set them off with the classic white, either White Dove or Mountain Peak. Red is a passionate color that can add vibrancy to bedroom or foyer. Poppy and Rapture are warm shades that attract attention. Because red can stimulate hunger, steer clear of it when painting your kitchen and go for a fresh and soothing green like Paradise Hills. For bathrooms, go for relaxing green-blue colors like Palladian Blue or Miami Teal. For study areas you can go for neutrals like Texas Leather or Appalachian Spring to add an air of austerity yet with a tone of coziness. Southern Belle and Blue Danube are shades of blue that come off as powerful and dynamic. Yellow hues like Buttercup and St. Elmo’s Fire are festive yet sophisticated and would be ideal for an artist’s studio or home office. For a nursery, go for the tried but true pastels like Rose Petal and Morning Glory.

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Ideally, your room should be painted a main color and an accent color. An important part of home living is harmony and the best place to start is paint colors that co-ordinate. A bright green and a bold purple are a bit too “comic book villain”, however Heather Plum and Spring Valley Green can bring to mind a field of magnificent wildflowers. Red and green might feel a bit too Christmas, but it can have a more timeless feel if you contrast a Tint of Mint with a Dinner Party red or even a Deep Green with a Red Tulip. For a “day at the beach” feel, use Seaspray as an accent with Poseidon. Too look crisp and contemporary, really mix things up with Trout Gray, Mineral Ice and a splash of Crushed Berries. If you have something more classic in mind, go with Deep Rose, Creamy Peach and Opal. Old Navy and Kelly Green go together well, but you can also contrast Mystical Blue with Topaz. Home living projects can be both engaging and effortless once one establishes a final intention of the room’s desired atmosphere.