Hire a Digital Marketer who can get you Results

Whether you plan to outsource with an expert digital marketer or to hire an in-house, nearly every company is working with a marketing professional with outstanding digital marketing skills. In a business environment where information is everything, hiring a reliable digital marketer isn’t optional.

If you need help with digital marketing, here are important steps you should follow to get a professional who will actually offer you real results.

Hunt for a professional in the right places

Generally, finding a marketer with digital skills is easy. Check freelance platforms, directories or job boards, and you will find thousands of professional marketers ready to help you grow your business. Some of these candidates are great marketers. However, if you need a reliable professional who can offer you real results, you should hunt in the right places.

Instead of vetting the marketers seeking opportunities on job platforms, look for professionals who are active in the industry. Some of the ways of doing so include;

Search: Use search engines such as Google to find reputable publications in your specific industry that offer digital marketing insights and analyze their contributors or authors. These individuals may know a thing or two about digital marketing.

Word-of-mouth: If you have a colleague or a friend in the online business, as for recommendations. Such people must have worked with a digital marketing professional they can recommend.

Social media: If you follow digital marketers on Facebook, Twitter, and other social networks, you can reach out to one of them for help. Also, use the search feature on these networks to identify great marketers in your industry.

Analyze the marketers’ social profiles

Diving deep into one’s social media profile has become an integral part of the candidate vetting process. A recent study suggests that 60 percent of employers check their candidate’s social profiles before making the hiring decision. Check your candidates’ social profiles on all major social platforms. Find out if they have a blog and try to find more details about their experience.

Analyze their LinkedIn network

Most digital marketers tend to showcase their experience on LinkedIn. So, you should audit your candidates’ LinkedIn network with care. Using different features in this platform, you can determine the kind of network your prospect has built throughout their digital marketing career.

If you realize that your prospect’s majority connections are family and college friends, the chances are that they don’t have an outstanding experience in the digital marketing industry.

Look for great values and cultural alignment

Basically, there are different approaches to digital marketing. When hiring, make sure the marketer you prefer won’t push for marketing strategies you are not comfortable with. This is the primary reason you should consider hiring a digital marketer whose core values resonate with your company’s values and culture.

Hiring an experienced digital marketer could be what you need to drive your business growth. Focus on picking the right candidate, and your return on this investment will definitely outweigh the costs.