Find Out What Is Generally Included in Bumper to Bumper Warranty

The bumper to bumper warranty is used if you buy a certified pre-owned car. The bumper to bumper warranty is also called a front to back or a wraparound warranty. This is the most complete warranty that is available to any customer. This warranty covers most part of the vehicle. There is however certain exclusions even in the bumper to bumper warranty and these exclusions include the regular wear and tear of the vehicle. In order to get the bumper to bumper warranty it is also important to do a regular maintenance of your vehicle.

The important things that are included in the bumper to bumper warranty are given below:

  • These warranties mostly last up to up to 36000 miles or three years whichever comes first. There are also certain bumper to bumper warranties that last up to 10000 miles or 10 years whichever comes first. It is always better to know about the bumper to bumper warranty of the vehicle before you actually buy a pre-owned vehicle. After this warranty expires then you become responsible for all the repairs that might be needed for your vehicle.
  • The most important part that is included under the bumper to bumper warranty is the fuel injector system. This system includes the fuel pump, the spark plugs and the fuel tank. If a particular pre-owned vehicle is using a carburetor instead of a fuel injector then the carburetor is included in the bumper to bumper warranty that includes plugs, tank and pump.
  • The electrical parts are also included under this type of warranty. The electrical parts included under the bumper to bumper warranty are power steering, power locks and windows, power breaks, blinkers and hazards, the sound system, the vehicle sensors, the heat or the air conditioning system and other parts that are included in the car battery.
  • The bumper to bumper warranty of a pre-owned vehicle also includes the safety equipment of the car like the airbags, the seat belts and also the triggers or the switches that deactivates or activates these safety equipment. The equipment that prevents injury like the roll bars or the roll cage is also included under the bumper warranty.
  • If you upgrade your vehicle and include DVD players, televisions, seat warmers, USB slots etc. in your vehicle then the bumper to bumper warranty will include all those products.

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