dental infection control

Dental infection is one of the leading causes of tooth loss and tooth pain and as such knowing how to prevent dental infection and how to practice proper dental infection control can make a huge difference. Dental infection does not have to ruin your smile or cause you pain.

The right way to practice dental infection control starts with brushing regularly. Brushing removes the built up food, the plaque, and any other bacteria that tend to cause infection in the teeth. When food gets lodged between teeth or in the gum line it can cause a great deal of pain, infection, and even swelling and decay that can cause eventual tooth loss. Food that gets lodged in the gum line is often one of the major causes of dental infection.

Another way to prevent and manage dental infection is to floss and use mouth wash. This can remove a great deal of residual bacteria that can cause infection. Plaque and bacteria between the teeth can easily get into the gum line and cause pain and discomfort paired with infection. Flossing daily and using mouth wash can remove a great deal of bacteria and can make for a much cleaner mouth that is free of infection.

The last way to manage and prevent dental infection is to take the time to take care of any issue you have with your teeth as soon as it happens. Many times we break a tooth, get a cavity, or get a cut in our mouths and we wait to seek treatment. The longer a wound is open in your mouth, the longer the roots of a tooth are exposed, and the longer a cavity has to grow the greater the risk of infection. Our mouths are home to thousands of different types of bacteria and as such they can cause a massive infection if issues are not taken care of immediately. Taking the time to see a dentist the moment that something goes wrong is the best way to keep your smile looking great and to keep dental infection at bay.