Crowdfunding Campaigns: Making a Donation in India

Crowdfunding is an increasingly prevalent option for the ordinary man looking to spur change, whether that’s by raising funds for a cause they relate to or for a creative or personal project they’re trying to get off the ground. Thousands of crowdfunding campaigns worldwide led by the average giver have impacted countless lives in the past. US $16.2 billion has been donated to crowdfunding campaigns around the globe.

What has propelled the concept forward, making it such a widely accepted and attractive method of fundraising? The enthusiastic and compassionate donors, of course. The past shows countless crowdfunding platforms successfully aiding campaigners through their fundraising journey, providing their donors a smooth and fun experience with added benefits. For example, Impact Guru, in partnership with Global Giving provides tax benefits to donors from India, the US and the UK. Their crowdfunding platform also makes it easy for a donor to share a fundraiser with any social media network of his preference.

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The Donor’s Experience with Crowdfunding

Every campaigner and crowdfunding platform are perpetually plagued by the same question, “Are our donors happy?” We can and must never stop worrying about our donors, both old and new. They solely comprise the support system that defines the extent of our impact. Making a donation in India and other countries through a crowdfunding platform is fairly simple. The average giver with basic knowledge of the internet can quickly understand how crowdfunding works and make a donation easily. But the concerns of campaigners and platforms only begin there. Campaigners constantly need to think of ways to retain old donors and attract new ones. Crowdfunding platforms, on the other hand, are working everyday to make giving easier, to make the process of donating smoother.

Impact Guru’s user-friendly platform helps provide a smooth experience for a potential donor who is new to crowdfunding or even the concept of online donations altogether. “When my friend’s child fell ill, he started a crowdfunding campaign. The concept was new to all of us who knew him, including his family. But I found no difficulty contributing through their platform,” says a donor who contributed to one of Impact Guru’s medical crowdfunding campaign, and wished to remain anonymous.

“Not only was making a donation a simple and quick process, but I was also able to share the fundraiser smoothly with my network on Facebook and Whatsapp easily. I could support the campaign by donating and sharing, all in a matter of minutes,” shares another donor who contributed to an NGO crowdfunding campaign on Impact Guru.

How Can Campaigners and Crowdfunding Platforms Improve a Donor’s Experience?

Campaigners can consider a number of options to make their fundraiser attractive to donors. Offering rewards is one of the first and highly effective ones. For example, a clothing line fundraising to manufacture footwear can provide a free pair to major donors. Sending a thank you-note or doing a social media shout-out appreciating their support is another way to retain old donors (who may in turn help you find new donors, their friends).

Crowdfunding platforms can employ an abundance of features to make a donor’s giving experience richer. Impact Guru provides an option to donors and other supporters of a campaign to create a support fundraiser so they can share it directly as their own endeavour (the platform shows clearly that the funds go towards the main campaign) with their network. Providing tax benefits is another way to attract donors and let them know you care about them and their giving experience.