Business Premises Benefit from Anti-Bird Spike Systems

When considering bird proofing for business many managers and owners don’t realise that bird related pest control has legislative measures which must be abided by. When arm flailing, swishing and shouting at a growing population of birds proves ineffective, there are rules to follow for bird control.

Bird proofing company professionals appreciate that different birds are awarded varying levels of protection under the Wildlife & Countryside Act 1981 under General Licence. This act states that pest birds can be dealt with, depending on the species and time of year, when at least one of these factors applies:

  • To preserve public health and /or safety.
  • To preserve air safety.
  • To prevent serious damage or spread of disease.
  • To conserve wild birds.

You may be correct that your case falls in to one of these categories but please trust experienced, accredited bird proofing specialists with your pest control task to ensure that rules aren’t inadvertently broken, or an ineffective solution opted for. DIY bird control measures can be time and resource consuming but offer negligible results.

Apex Environmental Services, for example, operates in line with the UK governing body (Natural England) and the Wildlife & Countryside Act 1981 under the General Licence and they are confident and competent at their work.

They’ll advise whether a bird netting, scaring, anti-bird spikes or mesh system is appropriate for the infestation size and about practices that will result in long lasting benefits. This removes the stress from your shoulders. Surely you have enough demands on your time?

Bird excretions, guano, should only be handled by trained teams. Guano is a health risk, so it is much safer to leave the task with specialists who can dispose of the hazardous waste and address secondary problems including fleas.


Anti-Bird Spike Systems

Whilst bird spikes may sound harsh to the bird, they are not, they complete the task of discouraging the unwanted guest humanely.

Anti-bird spike systems are frequently chosen by businesses with low to medium severity infestations because they are ethical, discreet and indisputably effective.

The Apex Environmental Services anti-bird spike system features:

  • A polycarbonate base and outstanding quality, rust and corrosion proof 304-316 grade stainless steel spikes.
  • The bird spikes are fanned at different angles depending on the specification of bird spikes selected. This choice is based on the species of bird involved.  
  • The plastic base of the anti-bird spikes system is fixed to the ledge, signage, steel beams or guttering using a high tack adhesive.
  • It sits near the edge and the tips of the bird spikes overhang the edge so when a bird approaches and hopes to land, a tip touches its breast and gently pushes the bird off balance. The bird soon becomes frustrated and moves off to an easier to land on surface.
  • There is no invasive property damage with this measure.
  • No ongoing maintenance is required with an anti-bird spike system.


Sound ideal? Better than DIY? If you’re located in Hampshire, Berkshire, Wiltshire, Avon, Buckinghamshire or Oxfordshire please contact a specialist bird control company like Apex today.