7 Ways You Can Make Your Grandparents Feel Extra Special This Christmas

The typical image of a grandparent is one that spoils their grandchildren, but rarely the other way around. Sadly, as grandparents begin to age some more, it is typical to let them live the rest of their lives out in a senior center. Many aging grandparents tend to feel lonely during the Christmas season because it is a time filled with memories of children and grandchildren gathering under one roof.

This holiday season, let your grandparents know just how special and loved they are by giving them thoughtful gifts like:

  1. Handwritten Letters

Our grandparents come from a time where handwritten letters were the norm, not emails or texts. Giving them a heartfelt letter written by hand shows just how much you care for them because you took extra time to write everything down you wanted to share with them. It’s not much, but it is a very thoughtful gift.

  1. Send Printed Pictures

No, grandma and grandpa won’t have a Facebook account to browse through your most recent photos. Let them feel up to date by sending a photo album with the family’s pictures. Even the most normal of events will make them smile as they look at how wonderful your year has been.

  1. Prepare Their Favorite Meal

Surprise your grandparents this Christmas by serving up their favorite meal and including it as one of the main dishes for the Christmas feast. They will love every bite they take!

  1. Personalized Ornament

Hang grandparent Christmas ornaments dedicated to them on your tree and the moment they see the ornaments included in your Christmas they will surely feel loved and honored. There are so many unique designs that there is one bound to fit their personality so each ornament is extra special.

  1. Take A Family Portrait

Gather the entire family, the kids, the grandkids, and of course grandma and grandpa for a Christmas family portrait. Seeing all the different generations gathered together will make any grandparents’ heart swell with pride. Frame the picture and hang it on their wall at home as a reminder of your love for them.

  1. Preserve Old Photographs

Your grandparents probably had their fair share of adventures in their youth and these could be captured in old photographs. Preserve these memories in an album for them so that they can always look back and relive their favorite memories on every page.

  1. Spend The Holidays With Them

There is nothing more heartwarming than spending the holidays with your grandparents. Let everyone chip in for their tickets or take a trip to visit their home this Christmas just be together as a family.

Simple Goes A Long Way

Grandparents don’t need expensive gifts like a brand new iPad or an extravagant vacation, something as simple as personalized grandparent Christmas ornaments or baking their favorite cookies with them is more than enough to make them smile the entire holiday season. Cherish your time with your grandparents and make them feel loved and remembered all year round, not just on Christmas.

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