5 Pacific Northwest Destinations for Dog Lovers

Planning out the perfect road trip takes plenty of preparation and work, and that becomes all the more challenging when you have a dog or multiple dogs you want to travel with. While there are certainly plenty of dog-friendly attractions, campsites, and locations throughout the Pacific Northwest, you can’t just assume that you’re going to be okay when you show up with one or more of your family four-legged friends. The good news is that traveling with your quality RV rental will make it a little bit easier to find places that fit your needs, so read on for some top stops in the Northwest for pet owners and dog lovers of all stripes.

Cannon Beach Oregon

This entire town is designed to be a friendly romping ground for pets and pet owners alike. Referred to by some as perhaps the most dog friendly town in the entire United States, Cannon Beach offers pet-friendly beaches, restaurants that allow dogs to sit by their owners at all outside seating, pet-friendly hotels, and more.

Even many of the parks throughout the town are designed for pet owners to make sure even the four-legged members of the family have a place by your side. You’ll find Cannon Beach is as good as it gets for dog lovers who want their furry friends as welcome on vacation as the human family members are.

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Orcas Island Washington

Located north of Seattle towards the most upper northwest region of Washington state, and near the Canadian border with British Columbia, Orcas Island features some of the most beautiful scenery you will find anywhere in all of the Pacific Northwest. The famous Turtleback Mountain Preserve allows dogs on the hiking trails with their owners (they do need to be on leash) through this beautiful area, while they can enjoy running around and swimming on North Beach or spend some time socializing with others while the dogs get to run around off-leash at Eastsound’s dog park.

Dogs are allowed to ride free on the ferry, and Moran State Park on the other side of the island offers more amazing sites and experiences you’ll want to check out. There is no shortage of options on Orcas Islands of activities that both dog and dog owner can enjoy.

Old Fairhaven of Bellingham Washington

While there are many parts of Bellingham that are very dog friendly, it’s hard to compete with what the Old Fairhaven Historic District has to offer vacationing pet owners. Village Books is not only a wonderful unique independent bookstore with charm but it is completely welcoming to all locals and visitors who want to peruse the isles, with dog in tow.

Famed local area clothing boutiques, restaurants, and other local businesses are all extremely dog friendly, allowing you to bring your favorite loyal companion along as you check out what this unique and interesting area really has to offer. A popular boardwalk located at 10th and Taylor allows for a scenic and enjoyable strong along the bay that you can fully enjoy while allowing the dog to burn energy with a quality walk. Add in some custom doggie water fountains that are located in the Village Green or the pet friendly hiking trails at the nearby Chuckanut Mountains and there is no shortage of options – including plenty of leash-free options in the area so even the most energetic of your four-legged friends will be able to burn off plenty of energy throughout the day.

Portland, Oregon

Really no one should be surprised by this entry. Portland is an incredibly unique city that has long prided itself on a very strong hippie/Bohemian vibe and a strong sense of independence to go with the hip lifestyle. This is a city full of extremely dog friendly businesses that offers plenty for you to do without ever having to leave your dog behind.

In addition to this there are plenty of dog parks and green areas to enjoy, and if you are a major fan of craft beer, there are many canine inspired brews so you can be on theme and happily enjoying a fine drink with your favorite family canine right by your side! With a city the size and layout of Portland, there will also be plenty of options when it comes to finding a good spot for that RV rental.

Mendocino, California

Just because Oregon and Washington have so many great destinations doesn’t mean that California should get left out in the cold. Mendocino is a charming seaside community that has been pet owner friendly for nearly four decades now, going all the way back to the 1980’s “before it was cool.” From parks to businesses to the famous (among pet owners) Stanford Inn by the Sea, Mendocino is a location that has been well known and loved by pet lovers for a long time.

Finding That Perfect Family Destination

When man’s best friend is more of a family member than just a friend, you want to plan out a vacation route that allows them to travel with the family and enjoy the entire traveling experience together. The good news is that if you’re visiting the Pacific Northwest you have plenty of options. Get that RV rental taken care of, plan out a route, and enjoy a memorable holiday for every member of your family!