4 most useful marketing automation platforms for SMBs

Automating small business is the latest trend. Many small businesses have registered themselves with e-commerce websites to elevate sales and bring the business online. But not all platforms are good to go. In this article, we have listed some of the top platforms for SMB that can help in boosting the sales of small businesses online.

  • GetResponse

GetResponse is said to be an easiest e-mail marketing platform in the world. It started as e-mail marketing platform but as the time went on, it became all in one marketing solution for SMB. It is comprised of e-mail marketing, auto-responder, land page builder and a webinar tool as well. Other than that, it is the most cost-saving platform.

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  • Infusion Soft

This platform has all the functionalities which allow you to track the actions, purchases and the behaviors all in the same system. It is usually more expensive than the other marketing platforms meant for small business.

  • Marketo

The current slogan of this platform says ‘if you are going to play, play to win.’ This platform is comprised of a wide range of analytics and features. The A/B testing and the other interfaces are quite easy to use. The conventions are meant for naming are more confusing than any other suite. It fully depends on your sales force and if your sales team is on a different CRM, this platform can be challenging.

  • Act-On

It is advertised as a marketing automation for the business that is growing at a fast pace. It has some brilliant customer support related to strategy development, basic tips and training. The price of this platform is a little bit on the higher side but is very effective.

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