3 Reasons chloroprene are extensively being used in hospitals and clinics

Professionals working in health clinics, laboratories, hospitals, beauty clinics and other areas are increasingly using chloroprene gloves to keep their skin protected. Chloroprene gloves are versatile, they breathe optimum levels of comfort to the skin, fit the palms with precision and are functionally upgraded. They can keep the skin protected against a wide variety of substances, including acids, alkalis, biohazards and chemicals. Here are three reasons, explaining why these gloves are suitable for a wide range of industries.


When you buy the chloroprene gloves, you get added protection because of their strength. They are free from latex. Their structure is somewhat similar to natural rubber, but it is a robust synthetic material. These gloves form a great barrier, because of its increased strength. It has the strength of nitrile, which ensures strong resistance to various chemicals, infectious liquids and drugs.

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No allergic reactions

Certain people are allergic to latex, they develop irritations on their skin. When you use the best chloroprene gloves, you can get rid of this problem. You may also look out for vinyl or nitrile exam gloves, which come with similar, allergy-free properties. If you are looking for a latex-free environment, chloroprene gloves can provide you with a cost-effective solution.


The long life of chloroprene disposable gloves makes it an ideal option for various industries. Professionals working in OTs, hospitals and laboratories extensively use these gloves due to their ability to keep them protected over extended periods. You can stay protected against dangerous chemicals, corrosive substances, blood, abrasive materials and various infectious liquids on using these gloves. This is why, people are opting for these gloves as a cost-effective alternative of other varieties of expensive ones.

It is necessary to ensure the protection of your employees working in laboratories, clinics or other areas. Chloroprene gloves will serve this purpose best.