Get the information about PNB Home Loan

Punjab National Bank commenced its official operations from 12th April 1895 in Lahore and became the first Swadeshi Bank of India. Initially, the bank started its operations with an authorized capital of just Rs.2 lakhs and working capital of Rs.20000 only. But, with effective strategies and far-sighted visionaries, PNB Bank successfully managed to establish the first bank to be completely managed by the Indians.

Today, the bank is recognized among the top banks and became the first public sector bank to be honored with “IBA Banking Technology Award” and “Agriculture Leadership Award 2015”. PNB offers financial products and services under multiple categories.

Owning a house is a dream of every person and people can fulfill their dream with PNB Home Loan. Any applicant meeting the eligibility criteria for the housing loan can apply for the loan application. PNB housing loan comes with lower rate of interest, so that, monetary values can never be a hindrance in owning a dream house. To apply for Punjab National Bank Home Loan, visit and get quick assistance. The objective of PNB home loan is to ensure “home for all”. PNB bank offers home loan at lower interest rates.

Features of home loan:

Applicants can utilize the sanctioned loan amount for constructing a new house or purchasing already constructed house or land

Choose between existing floating and fixed interest rates

An applicant can select loan repayment tenure ranging for up to 30 years

EMI starting for just Rs.896 per lakh

Quick loan approval with no hidden charges

Flexible and graduated repayment options available

Applicants can transfer their existing home loan from any other bank to PNB to enjoy lower interest rate and lower EMI

Home loan amount is disbursed as per the following structure:

  • For purchase/construction/renovations to house – As per the requirement
  • For home renovations/repairs – Maximum up to Rs.25 lakhs
  • For furnishing the house – Maximum up to Rs. 5 lakhs
  • For purchasing a new plot of land – Maximum up to Rs. 50 lakhs

PNB Home Loan Interest Rate

Scheme Limit Up to Rs. 75 Lac Limit above Rs. 75 Lac
Floating Women* 8.50{0aa6ff39f88f6874aa1314be06f6c24c81d3f2a8727f221ed543cd45c6c6423e} 8.55{0aa6ff39f88f6874aa1314be06f6c24c81d3f2a8727f221ed543cd45c6c6423e}
Floating Others 8.55{0aa6ff39f88f6874aa1314be06f6c24c81d3f2a8727f221ed543cd45c6c6423e} 8.60{0aa6ff39f88f6874aa1314be06f6c24c81d3f2a8727f221ed543cd45c6c6423e}
Floating PNB PRIDE #(Housing) 8.50{0aa6ff39f88f6874aa1314be06f6c24c81d3f2a8727f221ed543cd45c6c6423e} 8.55{0aa6ff39f88f6874aa1314be06f6c24c81d3f2a8727f221ed543cd45c6c6423e}
Floating OD HL 9.70{0aa6ff39f88f6874aa1314be06f6c24c81d3f2a8727f221ed543cd45c6c6423e}
Fixed General 8.65{0aa6ff39f88f6874aa1314be06f6c24c81d3f2a8727f221ed543cd45c6c6423e}

PNB Home loan eligibility

  • An applicant having saving account or joint account can apply for the loan
  • He or she must be more than 18 years, but, not more than 70 years
  • He or she should have a stable and legal source of monthly income. In case of joint account, monthly income of both the partners is considered for approving the loan